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Dissertation Writing Groups are small groups of 3-4 participants who meet via telephone and online with an expert Writing Consultant to share their writing and receive feedback from peers and the Writing Consultant.

What can you expect to get from a dissertation-writing group?

  • To receive a constructive appraisal from a Writing Consultant
  • To learn about the writing process
  • To identify issues that support and hinder the writing process
  • To engage with dissertation writers who face the same kinds of problems with conceptualizing ideas, critical thinking, and writing
  • To learn to break the dissertation conceptualizing and writing tasks into manageable pieces in order to keep progressing
  • To expand your network of resources to help you to achieve your academic and personal goals
  • To learn from others who have chosen to take the same journey
  • To receive and provide good company and support in a time of great isolation


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