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Wise Owl Looking for Stats Help?

Are You

  • Confused about what statistics to use?
  • Looking for help designing your quantitative study?
  • Apprehensive about how to interpret the results of your study correctly?
  • Wanting guidance with statistical analysis software such as SPSS or SAS?
  • Seeking help to get over your fear of statistics?

How Can a Statistics Coach Help?

Work with a patient and non-judgmental coach, who knows how to get people excited and comfortable with statistics (Yes, even you!), to understand, implement, and interpret your statistical models. Receive substantive feedback on your statistical models, research design, results, and conclusions. A coach can help you through the blocks you may have about statistics.

What Can I Expect from Working with a Statistics Coach?

  • Individualized attention focused on your needs, your understanding of statistics, and your learning style
  • Learn statistics while also learning how you learn statistics (and other topics)
  • Understand the common blocks associated with learning statistics and how to overcome them
  • Support with writing your dissertation and preparing for your final oral defense
  • Help understanding how individual analyses fit into the bigger picture of your research


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