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Designing Qualitative Research

Having Trouble Designing Your Study? Having Problems Getting Your Proposal or Methods Approved?

Developing a well-configured qualitative study at the outset helps ensure tremendous success along the way. Yet too often proposal reviewers complain that the language used in qualitative proposals is vague and unfocused. Novice study designers get caught in the inductive nature of qualitative research: the fact that qualitative research studies themselves are often evolving and emergent poses a particular challenge to proposal writers as they try to frame their project for a dissertation committee or funding agency.

Beginning researchers struggle with the dance between navigating how they frame their study in terms of the relevant literature with how they will remain open and unbiased to the research questions that arise from real-world observations. They often fail to tread the road between being systematic and yet flexible.


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Having Trouble Designing Your Study?

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Having Problems Getting Your Proposal or Methods Approved?

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