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How Can You Help with Qualitative Data Collection?

Once the proposal has been approved and/or funded, beginning qualitative researchers often face challenges in the interplay of the real world with the scientific world when “the rubber hits the road,” and their research plan meets the reality of you next need to identify, recruit, and negotiate identifying, recruiting and negotiating access to research settings and subjects. “Gaining entrée,” or getting access to research settings and subjects, is crucial and can be one of the most challenging aspects of data collection. Strategically revising interview guides and data collection procedures ensures that the research study builds upon the iterative, back and forth nature of qualitative research. Collecting and managing qualitative data is highly labor intensive, and too often novice researchers fail to set up systems for recording, organizing, and managing their data.

The Qualitative Coach can help with:

  • Creating strategies for recruiting hard-to-find subjects
  • Building rapport with and selecting key stake holders and informants
  • Building types of awareness, ways of noting and remembering detail, and maintaining naiveté, keeping an open mind
  • Developing systems for storing and managing data


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