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How Can the Qualitative Coach Help Me?

A qualitative methodological consultant, such as the Qualitative Coach, can assist with:

  • Conducting exploratory research to shape the central research questions
  • Framing the research question and the search for relevant literature
  • Determining the most appropriate qualitative framework
  • Selecting the type of sample to be used
  • Choosing research sites
  • Understanding different types of subjects/informants
  • Negotiating questions of reimbursement, ethics, and IRB concerns
  • Types of interviews, field notes, focus groups, and data triangulation
  • Developing interview and focus group guides
  • Building an argument that demonstrates why the study is significant, and why it should be done now and by this particular researcher
  • Writing a proposal that is methodologically sound with unambiguous steps to follow yet embraces the emergent strength of a qualitative study


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How Can the Qualitative Coach Help Me?

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