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Got Qualitative Data? Now What?

After beginning researchers have collected a Mt. Everest-size pile of data, too often they are left feeling overwhelmed and under-directed as to what to do with all this material. Even seasoned researchers can feel overwhelmed with converting piles of data into presentations and publications. Oftentimes the analysis plan spelled out in the proposal feels like an ill-fitting arrangement after changes have been made as a result of real-world challenges with samples, recruitment, and the new direction that the rich data is pointing to.

The Qualitative Coach can assist with:

  • Learning about and choosing various analysis techniques such as ways to: code, index and memo, pile sorts and taxonomic and decision making trees, mind mapping etc.
  • Choosing computer programs or paper management systems
  • Developing tables, charts, and scales
  • Mixed-method techniques (working with archives, surveys, and questionnaires)


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Got Qualitative Data? Now What?