II. Getting Your Dissertation off the Ground: Making the Dissertation Commitment

In the last blog, you reflected on how the dissertation fits into your life plan.  The next step is to make a formal commitment to do what it takes to complete your dissertation.

What is your attitude about doing a dissertation?  Perhaps you have been listening to all the horror stories from the battle field.  Yes, they do happen, and you need to be prepared.  However, it will serve you best to clear out any negative attitudes you might have that can set you up for defeat.  Start fresh.  Develop a positive attitude, nurture your self-assurance, and stay motivated to finish.  Although the barriers you will encounter are not necessarily of your making, you have choices and preparations to make that will maximize your efficiency, and even your enjoyment, of the dissertation journey.

Before you begin the following commitment exercise, spend some time reflecting on how finishing your dissertation will affirm you, your values, your life purpose, and take you where you want to go. But also think about what you will actually have to give up to become fully committed to completing your dissertation.  How willing are you to making the dissertation a top priority in your life?  Be clear about what will be important to maintain your motivation and what you can afford to ignore.  Family relationships, exercise, and self-care sustain many people.  Lawns, a television series, high- maintenance friends, internet surfing consume time and might be distracting you from working on your dissertation.

Exercise 2

The Dissertation Commitment Exercise

1.   Using your Dissertator’s Inventory, list what you will be affirming if you commit to really doing your dissertation.  This is your YES list.

2.   List all the things you will have to give up to honor this commitment.  This is your NO list.  (It could include saying no to your boss, TV, recreation, or perhaps to certain self-defeating habits like procrastination.)
3.   Weigh the YES list against the NO list.  Read over your YES and NO lists and revise the lists until you are clear about what you will gain and what you will have to give up for the time being.  When you are ready to commit, share your list with a trusted friend and post it in a prominent place in your work space.

How does it feel to stand in a place of being fully committed to your dissertation? Take a minute to applaud yourself and celebrate your Dissertation Commitment. In the next blog you will learn about developing your Creative Scholar.

-Dr. Sally Jensen

I am Principal and Founder of dissertationdoctor.com, which launched in 1997, to help academics achieve their goals.  At the time, I had seen many doctoral students floundering and often failing because of the lack of guidance. I decided they needed a Dissertation Doctor to help them succeed without “bang-ups and hang-ups” (to quote Dr. Seuss).

I am a master certified coach and I help dissertators by nurturing and developing what I call the Creative Scholar. I have guided over 200 Dissertators to successfully complete their doctoral journeys.

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